Stanelco RF Technologies


Stanelco RF Technologies designs, builds and services advanced radio frequency systems. Dielectric and induction heating products are at the core of an offering that ranges from portable sealing devices to huge furnaces for the fibre optics market. Our products are renowned for their quality and durability.

We are continually producing new and better products and processes which enable us to offer our customers the latest solutions to meet their requirements. With a team of experienced engineers, we offer our customers manufacturing expertise and after-sales service. We serve industries such as aerospace, military, automotive, transportation, energy, waste, chemical and agriculture.

Our products

We have manufactured induction heating systems and provided thermal process solutions since the 1930s. Our non-contact induction heating products allow the heating of metals and other conductive materials. For non-conductive materials, we offer dielectric technology-powered heaters that utilise a high-frequency electric field to generate heat. They are often used for welding, joining, shaping or forming plastic products.

We are also a market-leading supplier of induction furnace systems to the fibre optic manufacturing industry. Our furnaces meet all the industry’s needs. Moreover, we are a key producer of resistance heating technology. This is a simple, clean and repeatable method of soldering cable connections, terminals, pipe joints, unions and similar fittings.


We are experts in developing modern production environments. That is why we do not just provide the technology, but also various types of maintenance services for all induction, dielectric, fibre and resistance heating technology needs. As part of your planned maintenance strategy, we offer regular electromagnetic field testing performed by our fully-qualified, experienced engineers.