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Biome Technologies plc provides the following information to AIM investors in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules. The information was last updated on 24 April 2024.

  • A description of the Biome Technologies business is provided here
  • The names of Biome Technologies directors and brief biographical details of each are provided here
  • As an AIM traded company incorporated in the UK, Biome Technologies plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation
  • The Company has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code 2018 and a statement of its compliance is provided here. Details of the terms of reference of the Company’s board committees can be found below:
  • Biome Technologies plc is incorporated in the UK and this is the main country of operation
  • Biome Technologies plc current Articles of Association is provided here
  • Details of the nominated adviser and other advisers can be found at the bottom of the Team page here
  • As of 24 April 2024, the Company has 3,782,596 ordinary shares in issue. So far as the Directors are aware, as of 24 April 2024, approximately 34.7% of the Company’s ordinary shares were not in public hands
  • As at 24 April 2024, significant beneficial shareholders holding 3%+ of issued capital are:
Mr V Pereira*17.6%
Mr JM Rushton-Turner13.2%
Mr Patrick Evershead CBE (and family accounts)7.4%

*Mr V A Pereira’s holding includes 559,534 ordinary shares held in his own name and 105,730 held by his wife, Mrs G Pereira.

  • As at 24 April 2024, Directors holdings of issued capital are:
Mr Paul Mines57,3581.52%
Mr John Standen**70,8361.87%
Mr Robert Smith18,9010.50%
Mr Martin Ruston-Turner500,00013.22%

**Mr John Standen’s holding includes 35,418 ordinary shares held in his own name and 35,418 held by his wife, Mrs K M Standen.

  • The Company’s annual reports can be found here
  • The Company’s half yearly reports can be found here
  • The Company’s regulatory information service notifications can be found here
  • The Company’s prospectus on its 2010 move to AIM can be found here
  • The Company’s circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders can be found in the General Meetings section here
  • The Company has not applied or agreed to have its shares traded on any other exchanges or platforms
  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s ordinary shares

Biome Technologies holds the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark – awarded to listed companies & funds that derive at least half their revenues from environmental solutions

Financial Events
Provisional Financial Calendar 2024:

The Provisional Financial Calendar is shown below:

6 FebruaryTrading Update
29 AprilPreliminary Results & Trading Update
29 MayAGM
29 JulyTrading Update
26 September Interim Results
13 NovemberTrading Update

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