Biome Technologies plc is a growth-oriented, commercially-driven technology group.

Group Profile

Our strategy is founded on building market-leading positions based on patented technology, and serving international customers in valuable market sectors.

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The Group comprises two divisions:
Biome Bioplastics and Stanelco RF Technologies.

Biome Bioplastics

Intelligent natural plastics

Biome Bioplastics is a leading developer of highly-functional, naturally-based plastics. The company’s mission is to produce bioplastics that challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers, and ultimately replace them completely.

Building on 20 years of development activity, Biome Bioplastics produces a range of high-performance, plant-based bioplastics that are biodegradable and compostable. Its biopolymers are suitable for both short-life and disposable products, as well as long-life, durable applications.

Biome Bioplastics is also leading a £5 million research and development programme with academic and industrial partners aimed at reinventing the intrinsic synthesis of bioplastics to both improve performance and reduce cost.

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Stanelco RF Technologies

Radio frequency systems

Stanelco RF Technologies designs, builds and services advanced radio frequency (RF) systems. Dielectric and induction heating products are at the core of a product offering that ranges from portable sealing devices to huge furnaces for the fibre optics market.

Stanelco is continually producing new and better products and processes which enable the company to offer its customers the latest solutions for their requirements. Stanelco RF Technologies historically has been designing and building RF manufacturing equipment since 1940. With a team of experienced engineers, the company can offer our customers manufacturing expertise and after sales service.

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Listed on the AIM market, the international market for growing companies trading on the London Stock Exchange, allowing both existing and new shareholders to participate in our growth.

Core strategy is to develop its bioplastics business organically through the exploitation of higher value areas where the properties of bioplastic materials are most suitable and valued.

Engaged with a variety of large-scale international customers and partners on a number of key commercial and development partnerships.

Protects its existing intellectual property in a robust manner and protects new developments through patents and confidentiality.

Driving an international expansion of activities and now operates in Europe, North America and Asia. Headquarters and R&D activity is based at Southampton in the UK.

Robust ethical and governance policies and a Board committed to driving enhanced shareholder value.


Biome’s innovative bioplastic and radio frequency technology and commercial positioning provides an exciting platform for further growth and shareholder returns.

– Paul Mines, CEO


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