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Stanelco commissions Edison Investment Research Thursday, 3rd December 2009

Stanelco is pleased to announce it has commissioned Edison Investment Research to produce analyst notes on the Company. Edison is Europe's leading independent investment research company.
Edison will provide independent reports, forecasts and valuations on Stanelco several times a year; based around key announcements and reporting dates.
Paul Mines, Chief Executive of Stanelco said:
“In response to shareholder demand, we have commissioned Edison, which is a market leader, to produce in-depth forecasts and valuations on Stanelco to provide an independent view on the future of Stanelco. We look forward to seeing the research and hope this goes towards providing further visibility for our shareholders of Stanelco’s future.”
It is expected to produce the first analyst report on Stanelco by the end of 2009, which will be available to shareholders from

Announcing the Winner of the Stanelco Prize for Sustainable Art Monday, 13th July 2009

Teabag Man/Chewing Gum Woman attract 44% of votes
Votes cast on bioplastic leaves for the public’s favourite artwork at the hugely successful
‘The Sustainabilitree Show’ exhibition were counted up at the Artsdepot in London this
Stanelco is delighted to award the Stanelco Prize for Sustainable Art to Ally Rosenberg, who
was awarded a whopping 44 % of votes. His sculptures ‘Teabag Man’ and ‘Chewing Gum
Woman’ demonstrated an imaginative (and sustainable!) end use of materials.
Remarkably Ally is only 18 years old, and has yet to take up his place to study fine art at
Central St Martin’s – he plans to use the prize money for furthering his art work there.
Paul Mines, CEO of Stanelco plc awarded Ally his prize in Manchester on Friday. He said ‘It’s
fabulous that the first prize goes to a young artist just completing his A‐levels; seeing young
people realising the importance of sustainable living is inspiring ‘.
Ally’s chewing gum ‘clay’ was salvaged from the underside of school desks and he liberated
used teabags from the caffeinated corridors of the staff room at King David’s High School in
Manchester to make these pieces.
The sculptures formed part of a wider, multi media collection from emerging British artists
all engaged thematically with sustainability and the environment.
Opened earlier in the month by Justin Rowlatt (Ethical man) The Sustainabilitree Show was
curated by Melanie Warner of Bog Standard Gallery fame who also made the titular bioplastic
Plans are already in the offing for another, bigger show next year which takes advantage of
the art world’s enthusiasm to continue the sustainability debate.
Keep your eyes open for an unmissable event in the environmental and artistic calendar!

Stanelco attends inaugural World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment Monday, 6th July 2009

Stanelco Plc was delighted to attend the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment, held at the Smith School, University of Oxford from 5th – 7th July 2009.
Leading global figures, including Al Gore, Lord Browne of Madingley and President Nasheed of the Maldives gathered to discuss ways to develop a new sustainable growth paradigm with environmental stability at its core.
This event brought together leading figures from the policy, business and academic communities to debate, share research findings and discuss case studies as to how a suitable low carbon model for growth can be built and implemented.
The three day event was a closed-door event to encourage the selected delegates to fully engage in the evolving discussion. It was arranged and hosted by The Smith School, part of the Social Sciences Division of the University of Oxford.
Paul Mines, Chief Executive Officer of Stanelco said:
“As the UK’s leading bioplastics business, Stanelco was both delighted and honoured to be invited to be involved in such an important event that gathered together the leading global figures on a vital topic to us all.
“With our products and technology, Stanelco is devoted to developing plastics that play a key role in the green sustainability agenda, so it was important for us to attend this debate and engage with the influential figures who are working together to ensure a sustainable global economy.”

The Sustainabilitree Show Monday, 29th June 2009

Justin Rowlatt, renowned journalist and ‘Ethical Man’, opened the new exhibition at the Artsdepot,
N12 on Thursday Evening.
Standing amongst a new collection of work from 13 British artists, Justin spoke about the scale of
challenge required for individuals to change their carbon footprint. Optimistic about people’s ability
to change, he welcomed the positive cultural and social shifts emerging.
The spectacular central exhibit, the titular ‘Sustainabilitree’ by Melanie Warner, is a 3 metre high
sculpture made from bioplastic. Leafy potato plants at its base underline the work’s potato and corn
starch roots, while the composting “leaves” underlines the piece’s biodegradable nature.
Among other works and showing an imaginative end use ‘Teabag Man’ and ‘Chewing Gum Woman’
by Ally Rosenberg startle with their humanity. Stunningly colourful ice paintings from Billy Styles
melt, releasing pigments, and ‘Meadow Orphan’ by Edward Llewellyn makes a sensory statement
about dying habitats.
Voting has commenced for the inaugural ‘Stanelco Prize for Sustainable Art’. The exhibit gathering
most votes by visitors will be announced at the end of the exhibition (July 6 2009) and earn the artist
a bursary to support them in further artistic endeavour.
Paul Mines, CEO of Stanelco plc, the exhibition sponsor commented that
‘We are delighted to be encouraging artists to explore the issue of sustainability in their work.
Living sustainably is an important cultural change for our society ‐ art is an important medium to
provoke discussion and debate about this change’.
Don’t miss this rewarding, beautiful and provocative show!

More images and details of the other exhibits are available from the website.

Stanelco Annual General Meeting Thursday, 23rd April 2009

Stanelco's AGM was held today at Financial Dynamics in London.  The board gave a presenation to all those attending. To see a full presentation click here.

Stanelco BioPlastics supports 'Trees for Schools' Monday, 2nd March 2009

Stanelco is delighted to pledge its support to Tree Appeal's “Trees for Schools”
initiative, providing trees for school grounds to educate children on the importance of
sustainability. This commenced with Tree Appeal's patron Professor David Bellamy
OBE planting trees at two schools in Bedfordshire on Thursday 26th February -
further events are planned through 2009.
Organised by Marchant Manufacturing with support from Stanelco, the new trees will
create a nature walk at Southlands Lower School and a shady wildlife haven at
Russell Lower School.
Stanelco is supporting this green initiative as its own bioplastics are made from crops
that, like trees, also absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. Stanelco believes it is
important to support a cause that will educate school children on the importance of
behaving in an environmentally responsible manner.
These schools are in the Mid Beds Council area, covered by their growing foodwaste
collection scheme. Mid Beds Council Waste Team is confident of collecting
over 5,000 tonnes of food waste during the next 12 months, providing a significant
boost to reaching local and national recycling targets by diverting organic waste from
landfill. The collected food waste is taken to BiogenGreenfinch, an anaerobic
digestion facility, and the product is used as a fertiliser on adjacent farmland.
Paul Mines, Chief Executive of Stanelco said:
"Our bioplastics material is derived from natural potato and corn starch to make
biodegradeable and compostable materials that return to the natural ecosystem at
the end of their lives, so this was a natural fit for us. We are happy to be playing a
role in educating children about the importance of sustainability through this

Tree Appeal is an environmental initiative which helps responsible companies to
give back to the environment by planting trees. Tree Appeal plants native broad-leaf
trees such as oak, ash and beech throughout the UK to replace woodlands lost to
deforestation, storm damage and disease, to provide habitats for wildlife and
increase biodiversity, and to make a greener world for the benefit for all.


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