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Biome Technologies plc provides the following information to AIM investors in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules.

The information was last updated on 30 September 2017.

  • A description of Biome Technologies business is provided here
  • The names of Biome Technologies directors and brief biographical details of each are provided here
  • A description of the corporate governance adopted by the Biome Technologies plc is provided here
  • As an AIM traded company incorporated in the UK, Biome Technologies plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation
  • A description of the responsibilities of the members of the board of directors and details of board committees are provided in our Annual Accounts and can be found below: 
  • Biome Technologies plc is incorporated in the UK and this is the main country of operation
  • Biome Technologies plc current Articles of Association is provided here
  • Details of the nominated advisor and other advisors can be found here
  • As of 30 September 2017, the Company has 2,347,536 ordinary shares on issue. So far as the Directors are aware, as of 30 September 2017 , approximately 39.24% of the Company's ordinary shares were not in public hands
  • As at 30 September 2017, significant beneficial shareholders holding 3%+ of issued capital are:
  • Holder Shares %
    Mr V Pereira*


    Mr JM Rushton-Turner
    288,050 12.27%
    Hargreave Hale** 113,431 4.83%

*Mr V A Pereira’s holding includes 477,837 ordinary shares held in his own name and 77,426 held by his wife, Mrs G Pereira.

**Based on information received from Hargreave Hale Ltd on 21 January 2015

  • As at 30 September 2017, Directors holdings of issued capital are:
  • Holder Shares %
    Mr Paul Mines 21.885


    Mr John Standen*** 51,336 2.19%
    Mr Declan Brown 708 0.03%
    Mr Michael Kayser 4,071 0.17%

***Mr John Standen's holding includes 11,250 ordinary shares held in his own name, 28,836 held by Leapacross Ltd (a company controlled by John Standen) and 11,250 held by his wife, Mrs K M Standen.


Wednesday, 29th March 2017

BiomeTechnologies Publishes Preliminary Results for 2016

The results for 2016 show some improvement in profitability over the previous year, albeit they do not demonstrate the step-change in underlying performance we had expected earlier in the year. Whilst revenues and EBITDA from the Stanelco RF Technologies division remained robust throughout the year, the performance of Biome Bioplastics was constrained by both softness in its already commercialised technologies and delays to new product launches with its customers. Despite this, significant progress was made in the second half of 2016 towards the new product launches from both a technical and commercial perspective, resulting in initial sales from an important new revenue stream. As a result, we are moving into 2017 with a positive outlook about the Group as our new products approach the commercialisation phase. In addition, the Group’s cash resources have been further strengthened by the settlement of legacy licensing arrangements with a third party at the end of 2016 and the resultant cash receipts of £0.45m in early 2017. Read More

Tuesday, 30th August 2016

Biome Technologies Publishes Interim Results for H1 2016

Highlights: • Group revenues £2.2m (H1 2015: £2.1m) • Reduced loss before interest, depreciation, amortisation, and share option charges of £0.1m (H1 2015: loss of £0.3m) • Margins improved at 50% (H1 2015: 39%) • Initial quantities of the “BiomeMesh” product delivered by the Bioplastics Division • Healthy Stanelco RF Technologies enquiry book stretching into 2017 Paul Mines, Chief Executive Officer said: “The prospects for the suite of bio-materials for the coffee market developed by the Biome Bioplastics division is encouraging as products move into commercialisation albeit exact timing of large scale deployment rests on extensive final testing. The RF Division continues to deliver a strong underlying performance.” Read More

Thursday, 31st March 2016

Biome Technologies Publishes Annual Report for 2015

The results for 2015 are now published. Read More

Tuesday, 26th January 2016

Biome Technologies Pre-Close Announcement

Biome Technologies announces its pre-close trading statement for the financial year ended 31 December 2015. Read More

Tuesday, 1st September 2015

Biome Technologies Interim Results Announced

The Interim Results for 2015 are now available in the investors section of the website Read More

Wednesday, 25th March 2015

Biome Technologies Preliminary Results Announcement

Biome Technologies announces its Preliminary Results for 2014 Read More

Thursday, 22nd January 2015

Biome Technologies Releases Pre Close Statement

Pre Close Statement released Read More

Thursday, 24th July 2014

Biome Technologies releases Trading Update

Biome has released a trading update covering the first half of 2014 Read More

Friday, 28th March 2014

Biome Technologies Annual Report for 2013 and AGM Notice 2014

Biome Technologies publishes its Annual Report 2013 online and the notice of its AGM Read More

Thursday, 27th March 2014

Biome Technologies Announces Preliminary Results for 2013

Biome Technologies plc announces its Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2013. Read More

Monday, 27th January 2014

Pre Close Statement for 2013

Biome has announced a pre-close statement for 2013 Read More

Sunday, 1st September 2013

Biome Announces Interim Results for 2013

Biome Technologies announces its Interim Results for the six months ending 30 June 2013 Read More

Monday, 29th July 2013

Capital Reorganisation Process Completed

Biome Technologies Completes Capital Reorganisation Process Read More

Wednesday, 22nd May 2013

Property Settlement - Capital Reorganisation - Notice of General Meeting

Biome Technologies announces settlement of legacy leases and proposals for a reorganisation of its capital structure Read More

Monday, 15th April 2013

Presentation to Shareholder

Presentation given to Shareholders at Warwick University on 15 April 2013 Read More

Wednesday, 3rd April 2013

Biome Bioplastics to investigate new source of organic chemicals for bioplastic manufacture

Technology Strategy Board awards grant to a consortium led by Biome Technologies Read More

Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Biome Technologies Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2013 Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 25 April Read More

Thursday, 6th September 2012

Biome Technologies Announces Proposed Sale of its 50% stake in Biotec

Biome Technologies plc announces the proposed disposal to Sphere S.A. of the Company’s 50 per cent. holding in Biotec Read More

Tuesday, 24th April 2012

Result of AGM

Biome announces that at the Company's Annual General Meeting held earlier today all resolutions were duly passed. Read More

Monday, 2nd April 2012

Biome Technologies Notice of Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 25th April in London. Read More

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Biome Technologies Publishes Annual Report and Financial Statements 2011

The 2011 report and account have been published. Read More

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Biome Technologies Announces Preliminary Results for 2011

Biome Technologies delivers its strongest year of trading through revenue growth and continued cost control. Both Bioplastic and Stanelco RF Divisions profitable for the first time. Read More

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